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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will deliveries be permitted to my business during construction?
    Yes for normal deliveries. Special deliveries will be coordinated on a case to case basis.

  2. Will message boards be at both ends of the construction area alerting motorists to changing traffic patterns?
    Standard signage will be used as required of state contractors.

  3. Where will construction workers park their personal vehicles?
    Only vehicles with identification will be permitted in the construction zone.

  4. Will the IL 64 Bridge over the railroad tracks located at Powis Road be open to traffic during construction?
    Yes. It will remain open.

  5. Will the trees that were removed be replaced?
    This project has a comprehensive landscaping plan at the end of the project.

  6. When is the project scheduled to be completed?
    Fall 2013.

  7. Will access from side streets onto IL Rt. 64 be provided during construction?

  8. Will the Public School District’s be notified about construction?

  9. Will construction work continue through the winter?

  10. Will a phone number be provided for the public to contact during this project?
    Yes. The Rt. 64 Comment Line phone number is 630-549-0768.

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