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Region 1 Forms

Region 1

Form Number Description Revised Date

Bureau of Construction

D1 OP0030 Request for Additional Federal Funding  
D1 PI0001 Bureau of Construction Final Inspection Report  
D1 PI0008 Contract Finalization Procedure Resident Engineers Checklist  
D1 PI0017 Report of Starting & Completion Date  
D1 PI0018 Flow Sheet  

Bureau of Design

D1 PD0012 Request for Exception to Compliance with the Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule 9/26/08

Bureau of Local Roads

BBS 2610 Program Manager Qualifications 11/06
BBS 2620 Team Leader Qualifications 11/06
D1 PI0004 Project Program Information Form (formerly known as the Job Request Form) 3/20/14
D1 PI0004 Instructions Project Program Information Form Instruction Sheet 03/20/14
D1 PI0019 MFT/Federal Project Scoping Checklist 03/26/14
D1 LRD001 Cover Letter and Forms  
D1 LRPDF1 NBIS Personnel Qualifications  
D1 LRPDF2 BLRS Agreement Process 02/27/14
D1 LRPDF3 Reimbursement Request for ICC/GCPF Funded Projects  
D1 PIPDF1 Agreement Process for Federally Funded Projects 11/20/13
D1 PIPDF2 Agreement Process for State Funded Projects 11/20/13
D1 PIPDF3 BLR 05620 Instructions  
D1 PIPDF4 Reimbursement Request for Federally Funded Projects 03/11/14
D1 PIPDF5 Reimbursement Request for State Funded Projects 03/20/14
D1 PIPDF6 Right of Way ROW Agreement & FHWA Authorization Procedures 11/30/12
D1 PIPDF7 Reimbursement Payment Verification  
D1 PIPDF8 Reimbursement Request for Right of Way  
D1 PIPDF9 Final PSE Submittal 06/16/14
D1 PIPDF10 Letting Schedule 06/16/14
D1 PIPDF11 Order for Specifications (Federal) 05/07/13
D1 PIPDF12 Phase 2 Plans and Specifications Preparation Reference Sheet 07/10/14
D1 PIPDF13 Phase 2 Submittals Overview 06/16/14
D1 PIPDF14 Plan Sheet Org 05/29/14
D1 PIPDF15 Proprietary Items 04/09/14
D1 PIPDF16 Status of Utilities to be Adjusted  
D1 PIPDF17 References for Phase 2 Plans and Specifications (For State Let, Federally Funded Projects) 06/16/14

Bureau of Programming

D1 PD0018 County Road Report 02/05/13

Bureau of Programming – Drainage Documents

D1 PD0001 Abbreviated Hydraulic Data Form  
D1 PDT001 Authorization to Proceed Letter  
D1 PDT002 Claim Inquiry Memo  
D1 PDPDF3 Control Structure-srb Model (1)  
D1 PDT003 Drainage Software Accepted By IDOT  
D1 PD0014 Hydraulic Report Estimate Work Sheet (HR-WH-EST)  
BBS 2740 Hydraulic Report Outline (HRO)  
D1 PD0022 LDS Checklist  
D1 PD0021 LDS Work Hour Estimate (LDS WH)  
D1 PDT000 List of District 1 Drainage Documents  
D1 PD0023 Permit Checklist  
D1 PDT004 Permit Checklist Cover  
D1 PD0024 Permit Summary for Floodway (PERSUM)  
D1 PDPDF1 Public Act 86-616 (1)  
D1 PDPDF2 Public Act 86-616 (2)  
D1 PD0025 Pump Station Hydraulic Report Data Sheet (PS-HRDS)  
D1 PD0026 Regulated Floodway Construction Permit  
D1 PDT007 Request from Local Drainage Information Letter  
D1 PDT005 Request from Maintenance for Flooding Records  
D1 PDT006 State-wide Permit  
D1 PDX001 Storm Water Detention Spread Sheet  
BBS 2730 Waterway Information Table  

Bureau of Traffic

D1TRF001 Special Town Name Application  
D1TRF002 Way Finding Sign Application  
Region 1
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