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Environmental Coordination Process

The Checklist to Support an Environmental Finding of Categorical Exclusion (CATEX Checklist) presents the responsible FAA official with a detailed listing of how a project may affect the environment, thus providing the information required to determine whether or not a Categorical Exclusion may be issued. IDA is responsible under the State Block Grant Program to act on the behalf of the FAA with regard to the determination and issuance of Categorical Exclusions at non-primary airports in Illinois. In keeping with the FAA Chicago Airports District Office practices, IDA will utilize the standard checklist created by the FAA for all projects, whether they be State/Local or Federal/State/Local. As in the past, all applicable environmental permits and/or clearances must to be acquired prior to the project being placed on the Division's Internal Recommendation Memo, which serves as a precursor to being placed on the Service Bulletin for IDOT lettings.

While the decision for primary airports lies directly with the FAA, IDA is still required to keep track of the environmental status of all airport projects. For F/S/L projects at primary airports, it is requested that IDA be sent a copy of the completed CATEX Checklist at such time that is submitted to the FAA.

Click Here to Download the FAA Checklist to Support an Environmental Finding of Categorical Exclusion (CATEX)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bill Viste at (217) 785-1764 or Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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