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The Illinois Department of Transportation is responsible for directing Federal, State and Local funding to maintain, enhance, and expand Illinois publicly owned open to the public airports through its Proposed Airport Improvement Program. Within the Proposed Airport Improvement Program process the airport sponsor requests financial assistance for airport improvement projects over the next five federal fiscal years through the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) process. Airport projects to be funded for the following three federal fiscal years are selected from the TIP spreadsheets that are submitted by the airport sponsors and evaluated based on need. Due to eligibility, justification, project readiness and funding limitations, not all projects requested in the TIP spreadsheets are included in the three year Proposed Airport Improvement Program. The Proposed Airport Improvement Program does not reflect all of the airport needs or deficiencies but simply reflects those projects identified by the airport sponsor as desiring federal and or state financial assistance.

Final TIP Submittals Due: December 13, 2013

Incomplete submittals will not be processed and will be rejected. A completed submittal consists of the following materials:

  • Sketch depicting projects
  • Excel E-TIP Spreadsheet
  • Detailed Project Justification/Description Form for first Federal Fiscal Year requests
  • Cost Estimates for projects desired in first Federal Fiscal Year
  • Any applicable justification worksheets (i.e., apron sizing calculations, RGFE Evaluation Form, Building size calculation/inventory)

Remit to both BJ Murray and Richard Borus at the e-mail addresses show below.
If mailing send a copy to the addresses listed below.


Illinois Department of Transportation
Office of Planning & Programming
2300 South Dirksen Parkway
Attn: BJ Murray
Room 341
Springfield, Illinois 62704


Division of Aeronautics
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport
One Langhorne Bond Drive
Attn: Richard Borus
Springfield, Illinois 62707-8415

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