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The Loan/Reproduction videotapes will be numbered V500-V999. These videotapes include project and product demonstration videos, promotional videos, and specialty videos. Many of these videos can be used to accompany presentations or speaking engagements. These videotapes have the following guidelines for distribution:

  1. Special Interest videotapes are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without specific written permission from the source.
  2. The IL T2 Center loans these videotapes (maximum of 4) for two weeks.
  3. Electronic video streams are not available.
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*Note: If you are unable to utilize these files, please contact the Technology Transfer Center.


Title, Produced By, Year
Description. (Length)

Plow Power, American Public Works Association
This video illustrates safety and snow plowing techniques on city streets, at intersection and in subdivision cul-de-sacs. (15 min)

Flowable Fill, Illinois Ready Mix Concrete Association, 1990
This video discusses the advantages of using flowable fill as an alternative to conventional backfilling with its main advantage being its ability to support with minimal settlement. (7 min)

All American Disk, Doyle, Inc., 1996
This video shows how the All American disk reclaims gravel and fills in shoulder drop-offs along roadways. (5 min)

Hand Signals For Crane Operation, Link-Belt Corporation
This video illustrates the correct hand signals to use when guiding a crane operator. (11 min)

Computer Literacy, Learn PC, 1992
3 part video that introduces computers to new users. (100 min)

Part 1 - Introduction to PCs (30 min)

Part 2 - The Power of Your Computer (50 min)

Part 3 - Productivity at Your Finger Tips (20 min)


Underground Safety: Personal Protection, National Utilities Contractors Association
This video illustrates personal protection practices to follow when working underground. (10 min)

Back To Basics: Back Injury Prevention, Association of General Contractors
Video shows helpful suggestions to prevent back injury. (15 min)

Tool Box Talks: Scaffold Safety, Association of General Contractors
This video provides safety tips to follow when working on or near scaffolds. (5 min)

Avoid Hot Mix Hazards: Working Safely with Hot Mix, Association of General Contractors
This video shows how to work safely when using hot mix asphalt. (14 min)

THE RULES OF THE GAME: Employee Safety Orientation, Association of General Contractors
This video is based on building construction safety but can be applied to highway construction and maintenance operations. Some valuable safety information is provided. (12 min)

SI Metric in the Workplace, Workplace Training
This video set is designed as an introduction to the metric system for engineers and all support staff. The set is accompanied with a participant’s workbook developed by the Technology Transfer Center. (20 min)

Part 1: Introduction to SI Metric

Part 2: Units of Measure

Part 3: Reading and Writing Rules


Drugs at Work, National Institute on Drug Abuse
The human and monetary costs and consequences associated with drugs in the workplace. The Drug Free Workplace Program is also discussed. (24 min)

Hazard Communication, Industrial Training Inc., 1985
Right to Know information regarding chemicals present in the workplace. Addresses training, labeling, and containing devices (20 min)

It's Everyone's Concern, Coastal, 2002
This video examines some security measures that may be encountered in public buildings and discusses why they are necessary. Simple tools are given to ensure the peace of mind that comes with working in a safe and secure public building. (17 min)

AGC Partnering Program, Association of General Contractors, 1992
The Owner-Contractor management concepts of Total Quality Management and Partnering are discussed. (12 min)

Traffic Control Series, International Road Federation, 1994
5 part video that covers traffic control on a global basis (104 min)

Part 1: Markings and Islands. This video follows MUTCD guidelines on the design and application of markings and islands. (19 min)

Part 2: Traffic Controls for Schools, Railroad Crossings, and Bicycle Facilities.
This video follows MUTCD traffic controls for three traffic control conditions requiring extra safety considerations: schools, railroad crossings, and bicycle facilities. (24 min)

Part 3: Traffic Control Signals at Intersection. This is a basic introduction to how engineers determine if a signal is needed and the basic principles of signal controller phasing and traffic signal timing. Intersection studies are briefly described, and types of warrants for signalization are given. Signal equipment is also shown. (18 min)

Part 4: Traffic Sign Inspection and Maintenance.
This video shows the importance of sign inspection, inventory and maintenance procedures. (21 min)

Part 5: Traffic Sign Placement and Location. This video covers the placement and location of signs in general and specifically at their placement and location in three areas: urban, rural, and freeways. (22 min)


Jobsite Safety Series, International Road Federation, 1994
2 part video that cover jobsite safety on a global basis (45 min)

Part 1: Developing Jobsite Traffic Control Plans. This video follows the development of an effective traffic control plan form the preplanning process , through the design and writing, the implementation, evaluation and even revision. (21 min)

Part 2: Installation, Inspection, and Maintenance of Work Site Traffic Control Devices. This video shows types of traffic control devices, their installation and inspection at a basic worksite based on a traffic control plan. (24 min)


Snow Removal Techniques - Plowing Tips From the Pros, Vista Videos
This video provides excellent tips for snow plow operators to help them do a better job. This tape can be used as a training video for new operators and can give new information to experienced operators. (23 min)

Right Before Your Eyes, ATSSA, 1993
General presentation on the need for good pavement markings. (10 min)

Super Bridge, PBS - NOVA, 1997
This video takes a look at the construction of the (cable stayed) Clark ridge spanning the Mississippi Rive at Alton, IL Excellent video. (120 min)

Why So Many Question?, JULIE, 1997
This video explains Illinois law regarding JULIE notification, the proper procedures to follow and location information needed. (24 min)

On Solid Ground, Association of General Contractors
Describes the importance of trench shoring and safety steps. (18 min)

Principles of the Asphalt Paver, Barber-Greene, 1992
This video illustrates the operation of the Barber-Greene asphalt paver to produce a quality paving surface. (18 min)

Discovering the Internet, Learn PC, 1995
This video explains how the Internet works. Topics include the Internet and the World Wide Web, on-line services, Internet providers, web browsers, web pages, using email, and performing searches on the web. (60 min)

Cutler Repaving History, Culter
The Cutler Repaver is demonstrated (10 min)

How to Prevent Segregation, Video University Productions, 1992
What causes segregation in asphalt mixes and how to prevent it. (26 min)

Road Oyl: Resin Modified Emulsion, Road Products Corporation, 1993
Road Oyl is a non-water soluble, high bonding strength emulsion developed for use in pavement applications, dust control and erosion control. (25 min)

Building the Notched Wedge Joint, National Asphalt Pavement Association, 1998
This video provides the viewer with the construction technique utilized to create the "Notched Wedge Joint" and its reported benefits including: enhanced pavement life and increased safety. This is a good video for design engineers, inspectors, and asphalt paving personnel. (8 min)

Cold In-Place Recycling, ARRA
Describes the cold in-place recycling process, core sample testing, design recycling content procedures, and advantages and disadvantages. (40 min)

Full Depth Reclamation, ARRA, 1992
Covers the applications and uses of full depth reclamation. Fully describes the short-term and long-term benefits. (12 min)

Hot In-Place Recycling, ARRA, 1991
Video describes how hot in-place recycling can extend the existing asphalt life at half the cost of conventional recycling while protecting the environment. (7 min)

Principles in Quality Concrete, PCA
Discusses all phases of achieving high strength concrete, for selection of materials to placement and curing. (36 min)

Construction Trenching and Shoring: Hard Hat Series, Coastal, 2002
OSHA estimates that approximately 90 deaths occur every year because someone didn't know basic trenching and shoring safety guidelines.  The practical safeguards covered here can help prevent these needless casualties. Topics include: Evaluating an excavation site, Effective worker protection systems, and Emergency response. (10 min)

Defensive Driving for Government Employees, Coastal, 2002
This new video program looks at techniques to help prevent accidents from happening, and in the case of unavoidable accidents, help lessen their severity. Topics include: What Is Defensive Driving?; Respect for the Vehicle; Your Responsibility as a Driver; Proper/Safe Driving Techniques; Seat Belts; Driving in Poor Weather; Speeding, Right-of-way, Passing, Tailgating; and Distractions & Road Rage. (19 min)

PPE: Don't Start Work Without It (Safety 101), Coastal, 2002
Learn to use the right equipment for each job, and use it correctly. Topics include: Eye and Face Protection; Hearing Protection; Hand & Foot Protection; Basic PPE Rules. (15 min)

Construction Lockout/Tagout, Coastal, 2003
Preventing unexpected start-ups of equipment during servicing and maintenance is as easy as the six-step safety procedure summarized in this video program. Topics include: How Lockout/Tagout Systems Work; When to Use Lockout/Tagout Procedures; Six Steps Required in Lockout/Tagout Process. (10 min)

Construction Confined Space Entry, Coastal, 2002
Working safely in a confined space requires learning the necessary skills to prevent or escape dangerous, or even fatal accidents.  Preparation begins with this overview: Identifying Confined Spaces & Their Hazards; OSHA's Confined Entry Permit Program; Duties of Confined Space Entry Team. (10 min)

Flagging: You’re the Director, Coastal, 2002
The job of the flagger is crucial for preventing highway work zone accidents.  However, Flaggers are often not properly trained or not trained at all. This valuable video program reviews vital flagging procedures including: Flagger Requirements; Proper Clothing & Equipment; Flagger Position; and Stopping & Releasing Traffic. (18 min)

Highway Work Zone Safety: The Basics, Coastal, 2002
This video program will help your employees understand and comply with MUTCD and learn what it takes to keep themselves, drivers, and pedestrians safe. Topics include: Being Safety Conscious; Traffic Control Devices; Slowing Down Traffic; Detours & Closures; and Communication. (18 min)

Heat Stress, Coastal, 2003
This video program focuses on preventing illnesses and minimizing safety hazards. Complies with NIOSH and OSHA recommendations. Topics include: Hazards of Hot Environments and First Aid. (16 min)

Construction Fall Protection: Get Arrested!, Coastal, 2002
This new program will help your employees work safer and smarter.  It will also train employees on what's new, what's in and what's out, as far as fall arrest equipment and safety procedures go. Topics include:  Requirements for Guardrail Construction, Strength, & Minimum Height Standards; Proper Anchorage Techniques; When & How to Use Lifelines & Positioning Devices. (11 min)

Winter Safety, Coastal, 2002
Freezing temperatures and icy roads. They're not only uncomfortable - they can be deadly. Either on the job or during recreational time, winter weather can pose special dangers to everyone. Topics include: Signs & Treatment of Hypothermia & Frostbite; Prevention of Hypothermia & Frostbite; and Off the Job Winter Safety. (14 min)

Road Rage, Safety Shorts, 1998
Explains Road Rage and its causes from aggressive drivers to rude drivers. Various ways of Stress management and ways to avoid confrontations with rude operators. (6 min)

Quick-change Movable Barrier, Barrier Systems Inc, 2002

Part 1: This video shows the general operation and discusses the advantages of the Quick-change system.

Part 2: The system is demonstrated on the Texas I-30 Contraflow HOV Lane. (18 min)


Stabilization for Low Volume Roads, American Road & Transportation Builders Association
Six steps to soil stabilization for unpaved roads or as a base under pavement. (11 min)

Trenching and Shoring: The "Hole" Story, Safety and Training Services, 1998
Review of OSHA’s trenching requirements for cave-in prevention and worker safety. (13 min)

NAPA Paving Practices for Quality, National Asphalt Pavement Association, 2001
This video reviews safety practices pertaining to Hot Mix Applications in three stages including paver operations and roller operations.  Covers different tasks performed by Laborers and tips on proper paving techniques.

*NOTE: Spanish version is also on this tape. (30 min)


Back Safety: Lift Well, Live Well, Coastal, 2001
This video will show you how you can "head off back pain" when you use your head and remember to protect your back from stress. (14 min)

AEMA Paving the the 21st Century, AEMA, 1995
This video covers the applications and benefits of using asphalt emulsions. (11 min)

What's Hot Mix Asphalt, National Asphalt Pavement Association, 1993
This video explains what hot mix asphalt is and its uses. (12 min)

Ultra-Thin Whitetopping: Today's Choice for Durable Pavement Overlays, American Concrete Pavement Association
This video shows an alternative to HMA for overlays. It provides benefits and a brief over view of the Ultra-Thin Whitetopping process. (8 min)

Chainsaw Sharpening, Forest Products Accident Prevention Association
This video shows that proper chain saw sharpening increases safety as well as efficiency. (7 min)

In Place Concrete Recycling System, Paradigm Equipment Company, 1993
This videotape explains the Paradigm in place concrete recycling process and its benefits. (9 min)

Safe and Secure, Coastal
This video examines the types of threats that exist for facilities that manufacture, store, use or transport hazardous materials. It covers the details of a Security Vulnerability Analysis, as well as tips to make your facility safer and more secure. (24 min)

Qualification Based Selection (Contractor Selection), Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois
This video explains the qualification-based selection process and how it is used for professional or public projects.  Explains selection process and how to evaluate and rank different firms for your project.  Selection of Qualified Engineers-Architect for projects and avoiding low bid catastrophes. (15 min)

Crisis Under Control, Coastal, 2000
OSHA's 1910.38 requires that each company develop a workable Emergency Action Plan. With the new threats facing our society today, such a plan is required not only for compliance, but also for survival. Make sure your organization has a well thought out plan in place by following the guidelines provided in this program. (16 min)

Understanding Superpave Mix Design, National Asphalt Pavement Association, 2000
Produced in cooperation with the FHWA, this video explains the basics of Superpave material selection, laboratory compaction, and the required mix evaluation processes. This video is based on the national recommendations; however, IL DOT has made minor changes to the national recommendations. (13 min)

Sensible Wood Cutting: Tips from the Pros, Husqvarna Forest Garden, 2003
This video provides some basic tips and techniques that can make your cutting experience safer and more productive. It covers: Personal Protective Gear, Safety Features of Husqvarna Chain Saws, Making a Cutting Plan, and Various Felling Techniques. (25 min)
V560 On Again Off Again: A Guide to Mounting and Dismounting Heavy Equipment, Public Entity Risk Institute, 2003
This video describes accident and safety steps that are abused routinely by experienced operators. What injuries can cost companies, the three points of contact. How to complete a walk around inspection, and common checks that will help avoid falls as well as injuries to operators.
V561 Highway Safety Improvement Program – Traffic Safety, International Road Federation, 1995
This video contains information on identifying highway safety problems and solutions, evaluating and selecting the best safety alternatives, and evaluating safety program results. (58 min)
V562 Highway Safety Improvement – Equipment Management Systems Series, International Road Federation, 1996
This video provides an introduction to EMS and discusses keeping a record of equipment inventory, equipment maintenance, parts and supplies management, financial management, equipment management information sub-systems and EMS implementation. (60 min)
V563 Pavement Management Systems (PMS), International Road Federation, 1996
4 Part Video. This video provides an overview of pavement management systems, PMS Data Collection/Management, and Developing and Implementing Pavement Management Systems. (67 min)
V564 Maintenance Management Systems (MMS), International Road Federation, 1996
5 Part Video. This video provides an overview of maintenance management systems and information on developing maintenance standards, the MMS work planning process, MMS work authorization and scheduling, and MMS work reporting and evaluation. (100 min)
V565 Backhoe Safety, Zomar Productions Inc.
Focusing on tractor-loader backhoes and written in cooperation with over twenty experienced operators, this program is filled with real world tips and advice on safe backhoe operation. (18 min)
V566 Confined Spaces, Zomar Productions Inc.
This video shows confined and enclosed space entries, emphasizing underground vault entries. Opening with a worker collapsing in a hazardous atmosphere, the program uses plain English to show students how and where the hazards in confined & enclosed space entries come from. (26 min)
V567 Night Lights: How Retroreflectivity Makes Our Roads Safer, Federal Highway Administration, 2002
This video explains what is, what materials are used in the construction of signs, and their value to the driver in bad weather, also discusses updating and sign maintenance. (14 min)
V568 Preventive Maintenance and Surfacing Systems, International Slurry Surfacing Association
V569 Driving Distractions of the Professional Driver, Wumbus Corporation, 2006
Information for new and experienced delivery drivers on avoiding accidents and proper parking and back techniques. (30 min)
V570 Tips From the Pro’s Backhoe Loader, VISTA Video, 2001
Aimed at experienced operator for increased productivity. (16 min)
V571 Confined Space in Construction, Vista, 2006
Entails what to be aware of when entering confined space; also covers proper procedures of entry and exit. (17 min)
V572 Backhoe Loader – Pre-Start Inspection, Vista, 1992
Educates operators on understanding what to look for in a Dailt Pre-Start inspection, emphasizes looking beyond the ordinary to help avoid equipment failures. (12 min)
V573 Backhoe Loader – Safe Operating Techniques, Vista, 1992
A wide variety of operating techniques are discussed. Accident causes overhead and underground utility dangers, machine stability in various terrains. (16 min)
V574 Backhoe Loader – Maintenance & Transport, Vista, 1992
Transport advise addresses: driving on roads loading and tying down equipment on trailers, care in loading, unloading tag out repairs machine guards for safety, vandalism protection. (11 min)
V575 No More Sunsets: The Last Days of a Meth Addict, Rosetti Productions, 2006
The story of Shawn Bridges who in the hospital of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, is dying from the results of Methamphetamine addiction. (29 min)
V576 Chain Saw Safety & Maintenance & Operation, STIHL, 2004
This video was produced by STIHL and shows various operation of the chain saw as well as properly maintaining the saw for maximum production and safety. The video highlights various safety features of the saws and proper maintenance steps, and operation. (63 min)
V577 Personal Protective Equipment, Coastal, 2007
This video talks about safety equipment and why and when it should be used including Hard Hats, Eye and Face Protection, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Head and Arm Protection, Leg, Foot and Body Protection. (20 min)
V578 Hazard Communication, Coastal, 2008
This video shows both physical and health hazards. Different chemicals and how they affect the workplace and workforce. (20 min)
V579 Confined Space Entry Investigation, Coastal, 2005
This video shows that people who work in confined areas should be aware of harmful gases and the need for protective gear, and emphasizes that employees are prepared for every job. (24 min)
V581 Fork Lift Maneuvers All the Right Moves, Coastal, 2007
This video shows operational steps as well as hazards that operators need to be aware of in order to operate a fork lift without hazard.
V582 Hazard Communication Training, Excel Visual, 2003
This video not only talks about hazardous materials, but also what you need to know to keep yourself safe. This video also stresses knowing about what the labels mean as far as what the colors and numbers represent. Also includes PowerPoint presentation for training. (15 min)
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