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2006 Construction Manual
Construction Memorandums

Construction Memorandums are issued by the Bureau of Construction to distribute policy information.

Special Instruction: The current memos are available for download. Users can download individual memos or all memos. To download an individual file to your hard drive click the link with the right mouse button, then choose "save target as". To view the file, click the link with the left mouse button. An index with links to all the current memos is also available. After downloading, the memo files and the index must be placed in the same directory. Files are in Adobe PDF format.

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*Asterisks next to the links indicate that the file has been updated and is posted on the Addendum page.

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Memo Subject Issued Status *


Index of Construction Memorandums



1 Purpose of Construction Memorandums, Index and Extension of Expiration Dates 4/1/02 A
2 Construction Projects Incorporating Experimental Features 5/1/02 A
3 Specification Changes for Projects Under Contract 1/3/95 A
4* Contract Changes - Articles 104.02 and 109.04 5/1/06 A
5 Project Acceleration 4/1/99 A
6 Federal-aid Secondary and Certification Acceptance Procedures and Local Agency Projects 5/31/02 A
7 County and Township Roads Used as Haul Roads - Section 107 4/26/02 A
8 Independent Weight Checks 10/1/00 A
9* Force Account Billing (NEW!) 5/15/07 A
10 Vibratory Rollers Approved for Use in Illinois Article 1101.01(g) 4/1/06 A
11* Bituminous Spreading and Finishing Machines Approved for Use in Illinois - Article 1102.03 4/1/06 A
Labor Compliance - Federal-Aid Highway Projects 4/28/03 A
15 Welding of Construction Accessories to Structural Steel Bridges Members - Section 505


22 Procedures for Applying the Bituminous Materials Cost Adjustment (NEW)    
24 Equal Employment Opportunity Contract Provisions and District Responsibilities 5/1/06 A
28* Administration of Contract Time for Working Day Contracts - Articles 108.03, 108.04 and 108.08 5/31/02 A
30 Policies and Procedures for Approval of Subcontractors 5/1/00 A
33 Operational Review of Contract Quantities 8/1/97 A
39 Transportation or Operation of Heavy Equipment on Pavement or Bridges Within the Contract Limits - Article 107.16 4/1/06 A
40 Rubblizing PCC Pavement and Placing a Bituminous Concrete Overlay 6/1/01 A
42 Contractor Coring of Pavement 8/1/05 A
43* Coring Policy for Thickness Determination 9/3/01 A
44 Pile Splices 5/5/00 I
45 Type III High-Early-Strength Portland Cement Concrete Mixture 5/31/02 I
46 Field Control of Railroad and Utility Adjustments 6/4/02 A
51 Delay Starting Work - Article 108.03 1/1/82 I
53* Articles 407.09 and 420.12 - California Type Profilograph 1/3/95 A
55* Placement of Bituminous Mixtures - Article 406.15 5/31/02 A
57 Plan Preparation and Field Location of Utilities 5/31/02 A
59 Resurfacing of D-Cracked CRC Pavements 1/3/95 A
60 Erosion Control 5/1/06 A
61 Guidelines for the Negotiation and Administration of Consultant Contracts for Construction Engineering Services 8/15/03 A
63 Construction Safety 1/3/95 A
64* Sequential Deck Pours 1/3/95 A
67 Earthwork Quantities for Separate Grading and Paving Contracts 5/31/02 A
68* Borrow, Use and Waste Site, And Excess Material Disposition Documentation, Review and Approval (NEW)(formerly Trees) 1/01/08 A
70 Preconstruction Conference Guidelines 8/15/03 A
71 Guidelines for Review of Contract Claims 5/31/02 A
72* Structural Steel Damaged During Deck Removal 1/3/95 A
73* Guidelines for the Use of a Vibratory Screed to Finish Bridge Decks - Article 503.17(c) 5/31/02 A
74* Guidelines for Pumping of Bridge Deck Concrete 4/12/00 A
75* Special Concrete Patching Mixture - Opening Road to Traffic 5/1/98 A
76 Contractor Payments - Articles 109.07 & 109.08 4/1/06 A
77 Winter Shutdown Procedures 11/15/01 A
78 Bridge Deck Patching 5/31/02 A
79* Contract Closeouts (NEW!) 1/2/07 A
1/12/04 5.07 MB
"A"  Indicates Active Status,
"I" indicates Inactive Status
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