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Any firm interested in bidding on Illinois Department of Transportation highway construction contracts must first be prequalified. The prequalification process is governed by 44 Il. Adm. Code Sec. 650, Rules for Prequalification of Contractors and Issuance of Plans and Proposals.

BC 8, Application for Prequalification, Statement of Experience, Equipment and Financial Condition

The Application for Prequalification is required to be submitted by an applicant in support of its request for a determination of responsibility and a prequalification rating.

The file is an MS Word Template file. If you do not have Word, WordViewer is available to read these files. See Tips and Tools for a free copy of WordViewer.

Rules for Prequalification of Contractors, Authorization to Bid, and Subcontractor Registrations

The Rules for Prequalification of Contractors, Authorization to Bid, and Subcontractor Registrations is a document that outlines the procedures and requirements for application, calculation, expiration, revision, renewal and revocation of prequalification ratings. The rules also govern the process of the issuance of Authorization to Bid on state highway lettings. It contains procedures and requirements for request, issuance, denial and joint ventures for bid issuance.

The file is in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) which is viewable by Adobe Acrobat Reader. See Get Acrobat Reader for a free copy.

BDE 124, Request for Authorization to Bid/or Not For Bid Status

This form must be used by contractor's to request electronic proposals and plans and to request formal authorization to bid on contracts advertised in the Transportation Bulletin. A contractor's Department of Human Rights Identification Number and expiration date MUST be shown on this form.

BC 57, Affidavit of Availability (.xlsx file)      BC 57, Affidavit of Availability (.docx)

This form is the prospective bidder's sworn statement concerning their present and pending contract commitments. Authorization to bid will not be issued without an accurate, signed and notarized original affidavit submitted to and accepted by the Central Bureau of Construction by the cut-off date specified in the Transportation Bulletin.

BC 2267, Certificate of Joint Venture

This form is used when more than one contracting company wants to combine their available financial and work ratings for the purpose of bidding on a construction project.

Illinois Department of Human Rights Number

Each prospective bidder on contracts let by the Illinois Department of Transportation shall furnish evidence to the Department of Transportation that it has complied with the public contracting requirements of the Illinois Human Rights Department prior to receiving authorization to bid.


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