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If you plan to submit a bid directly to the Department of Transportation



Any contractor who desires to become pre-qualified to bid on work advertised by IDOT must submit the properly completed pre-qualification forms to the Bureau of Construction no later that 4:30 p.m. prevailing time twenty-one days prior to the letting of interest. This pre-qualification requirement applies to first time contractors, contractors renewing expired ratings, contractors maintaining continuous pre-qualification or contractors requesting revised ratings. To be eligible to bid, existing pre-qualification ratings must be effective through the date of letting.


Contractors wanting to bid on items included in a particular letting must submit the properly completed "Request for Proposal Forms and Plans & Request for Authorization to Bid" (BDE 124) and the ORIGINAL "Affidavit of Availability" (BC 57) to the proper office no later than 4:30 p.m. prevailing time, three (3) days prior to the letting date.

Bids will be accepted from only those companies that request and receive written Authorization to Bid from IDOT’s Central Bureau of Construction.
WHAT CONSTITUTES WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION TO BID?: When a prospective prime bidder submits a "Request for Proposal Forms and Plans" he/she must indicate at that time which items are being requested For Bidding purposes. Only those items requested For Bidding will be analyzed. After the request has been analyzed, the bidder will be issued a Proposal Denial and/or Authorization Form, approved by the Central Bureau of Construction, that indicates which items have been approved For Bidding. If Authorization to Bid cannot be approved, the Proposal Denial and/or Authorization Form will indicate the reason for denial.
ABOUT AUTHORIZATION TO BID: Firms that have not received an authorization form within a reasonable time of complete and correct original document submittal should contact the department as to status. This is critical in the week before the letting. These documents must be received three days before the letting date. Firms unsure as to authorization status should call the Prequalification Section of the Bureau of Construction at the number listed at the end of these instructions.
WHAT MUST BE INCLUDED WHEN BIDS ARE SUBMITTED?: Bidders need not return the entire proposal when bids are submitted. That portion of the proposal that must be returned includes the following:
  1. All documents from the Proposal Cover Sheet through the Proposal Bid Bond
  2. Other special documentation and/or information that may be required by the contract special provisions

All proposal documents, including Proposal Guaranty Checks or Proposal Bid Bonds, should be stapled together to prevent loss when bids are processed by IDOT personnel.

ABOUT SUBMITTING BIDS: It is recommended that bidders deliver bids in person to insure they arrive at the proper location prior to the time specified for the receipt of bids. Any bid received at the place of letting after the time specified will not be accepted.
Questions Regarding Call
Prequalification and/or Authorization to Bid 217/782-3413
Preparation and submittal of bids 217/782-7806
Mailing of plans and proposals 217/782-7806


Planholders should verify that they have received and incorporated the revisions prior to submitting their bid. If plans/proposals were requested prior to the date of the addendum, an addendum package should have been mailed to the planholder. If plans/proposals were ordered after the date of the addendum, the plans/proposal package should already include all revisions and an identifying addendum sheet immediately after the proposal cover sheet. Failure by the bidder to include an addendum could result in a bid being rejected as irregular. If a planholder has not received an addendum within 5 days after the addendum date noted, they should call 217-782-7806.
September 19, 2003 PROPOSALS   Authorization to BID & Plans Request Form

NOTE: Authorization request form is REQUIRED in order to bid directly to the Department


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