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September 23, 2005 Letting

*If You Plan To Submit A Bid Directly To IDOT

The contractor or bidder certifies that all relevant addenda have been incorporated in to the appropriate contract.  Failure to do so may cause the bid to be declared unacceptable.


CBID Files - EXCEL: (.xls)

If you have questions or problems regarding the content or use of the actual CBID Files, please call Margaret Crowe at (217) 785-8648.

Group 1 sep_a41.exe (1.8 mb) 41 files Group 2 sep_b11.exe (511 k ) 11 files
Group 3 sep_c13.exe (596 kb) 13 files Group 4 sep_d4.exe ( 210 k) 4 files
Group 5 sep_e4.exe (218 k) 4 files Group 6 sep_f2.exe (123 k) 2 files

Aeronautics CBID Files - EXCEL: (.xls)

Group 1 sep_aa1.exe (63 kb) 1 files

Unit Price Tabulation of Bids: (.txt files)

The first set of awards 092305a.exe contains 2 text files. (45 k)
The second set of awards 092305b.exe contains 49 text files. (157 k)
The third set of awards 092305c.exe contains 5 text files (52 k)
The fourth set of awards 092305d.exe contains 1 file (39 k)
The final set of awards 092305e.exe contains 1 file (42 k)

Individual Bid Tab Files

Aeronautics Unit Price Tabulation of Bids: (.pdf files)

The final set of awards 092305a.pdf contains 1 pdf file.

Bid Tabs Cbids Tips/Tools/Troubleshooting

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