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The Unit Price Tabulation Of Bids (Bid Tabs) information is being provided at the request of several statewide and local associations, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and associated industry groups.

The Bid Tabs contain two parts.

1.  The "Summary of Contractor Bids" that lists the summary of total bids by contractor.

2.  The "Detail Contractor Bids" that lists the individual unit prices by pay item number.

The Bid Tabs are available for each individual contract in text file format (*.txt) as well as a group file format (*.exe) containing the individual files available that week.

The group (*.exe) files are similar to the others found on our website in that when the file is executed it will inflate and create the individual text files that were added to the server that week. An example of an individual file name is "t88000.txt" and for a group file is "t063097.exe".

The files will usually be placed on the internet server on a weekly basis. The files will be retained on the server for a cycle of two regularly scheduled lettings, then be removed as all other letting related items are.

When printing Bid Tabs using MS Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 applications one of the following settings may be used:

    Format the text as "COURIER NEW" at font size 9, or an equivalent proportional font and size.

    Format the text as "LinePrinter", if "LinePrinter" is used the font size does not need to be selected.

After choosing an appropriate font and font size use Page Setup and choose landscape printing.

To print using DOS editors, set the printer to landscape and LinePrinter font from the printer control panel.

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