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Download IFP DOT-OPS-ITS2010-01

The following questions have been raised regarding the Invitation For Bids on DOT-OPS-ITS2010-01 (Intelligent Transportation System Maintenance Services).  Included are the IDOT responses to those questions

Questions Regarding Specific Sections of the Contract

Section 3.1.4 – Pricing

Question: It does not specifically indicate that bidding each District is allowed for the Intelligent Transportation Systems Maintenance Contract Bid. Will we be allowed, for instance, to just submit a quote for District #6 work only?

Answer: The Contract states, “The vendor may submit bid for any number of districts from one through five (Districts: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6).” Therefore, submitting a bid for just one district is acceptable.

Section 1.5 – Security Bid Bond

Question: We have noticed that a Bid Bond is required this time for the ITS Maintenance Bid. Since a form or format to use is not present in the Bid Package could you let us know what is needed?

Answer: The Proposal Bid Bond form (BDE 356B) is on the IDOT website at
The Performance Bond form will be provided after the award.

Question: Our Bonding Company has not yet mailed us the Bond required for the ITS Bid due tomorrow. Rather than chancing a late overnight delivery would an Electronic Copy suffice until we receive the original?

Answer: Yes, an Electronic Copy will suffice for the bid opening tomorrow. However, the original shall be submitted on or before Friday, June 4, 2010.

Question: The Bid Bond document “BDE 356B” lists the penal sum of 5 % of the bid total. The Bid package calls out for a 10% Bid Bond. The bonding company went into the form, after downloading and changed the percentage to match the 10% that was requested. Is this acceptable or do you want the unaltered 5% document included in the bid package?

Answer: The IFB requires 10% Bid Bond so the bond amount should be 10%.

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