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Highway Traffic Noise

This presentation has been developed to provide a general understanding of highway traffic noise.

Part I: Noise Fundamentals

  • What is noise?
  • Measuring noise
  • Perception of noise changes
  • Noise reduction with distance
  • Mobile noise sources
Part I explains what noise is, how noise is measured, how noise is perceived, how noise changes with distance, and how mobile sources affect noise.

Part II: Noise Analysis

  • Background

  • Regulations

  • Noise Monitoring

  • Noise Modeling

Part II discusses when a noise analysis is required, federal regulations regarding noise, how noise monitoring is conducted, and considerations and inputs into the computer noise model used to predict future noise levels.


Part III: Noise Abatement Evaluation

  • Noise abatement in Illinois

  • Noise abatement approaches

  • Noise barrier evaluation

  • Noise barrier design
Part III presents information on noise abatement as it pertains to highway traffic noise. Specifically, it covers noise abatement in Illinois, noise abatement approaches, noise barrier evaluation and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Noise Fundamentals

  • Noise Analysis

  • Noise Abatement Evaluation

Glossary and Acronyms

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