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Final Environmental Impact Statement
Prairie Parkway Study
Grundy, Kendall, and Kane Counties, Illinois


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  VOLUME 1 File Type File Size
  Cover and Signature Page PDF 288 kb
  Foreword and Summary Page PDF 533 kb
  Table of Contents PDF 154 kb
  1.0 Purpose of and Need for Action PDF 500 kb
  2.0 Affected Environment PDF 2.4 MB
  3.0 Alternatives PDF 2.4 MB
  4.0 Environmental Consequences PDF 4.8 MB
  5.0 List of Preparers PDF 149 kb
  6.0 List of Agencies, Organizations, and Persons Receiving Copies of the Statement PDF 100 kb
  7.0 Comments and Coordination PDF 280 kb
  Index PDF 52 kb
  VOLUME 2    
  Cover Page and Table of Contents PDF 128 kb
  Exhibit Legend and Map Locator PDF 752 kb
  Exhibit 2. - Alternative B5 DIR  
  Exhibit 3. - Preferred Alternative B5 DIR  
  Exhibit 4. - Alternative IL-47 DIR  
  Exhibit 5. - Land Cover and Wetlands DIR  
  Exhibit 6. - Wetland Affected PDF 1.5 MB
  Appendix A - Agency Correspondence PDF 743 kb
  Appendix B - List of References PDF 157 kb
  Appendix C - AD-1006 Form PDF 164 kb
  Appendix D - Drainage and Water Quality PDF 272 kb
  Appendix E - Public Meeting Materials and Comment Summaries PDF 10.3 MB
  Appendix F - Elected Officials Meeting Materials and Comments PDF 4 MB
  Appendix G - County Meeting Materials and Comments PDF 339 kb
  Appendix H - Interest Group Meeting Minutes and Correspondence PDF 309 kb
  Appendix I - State and Federal Agency Coordination Meeting Materials and Correspondence PDF 857 kb
  Appendix J - Advisory Group Meeting Materials PDF 13.5 MB
  Appendix K - Other Stakeholder Involvement Materials PDF 456 kb
  VOLUME 3    
  Cover Page and Table of Contents PDF 173 kb
  Appendix M - DEIS Comments and Responses PDF 45 MB
  VOLUME 4    
  Cover Page and Table of Contents PDF 100 kb
  Appendix N - Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Project Level Hot-Spot Analysis Report PDF 1 MB
  Appendix O - Water Quality Information PDF 4.3 MB
  Appendix P - Road Closure Comments and IDOT Response PDF 2.8 MB
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