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Where can I find information on I-Pass?

The Illinois Toll Highway Authority has jurisdiction over the toll roads in Illinois and the I-Pass program. Contact the toll authority at Illinois Tollway.


Why can't I find information about construction work on the toll roads?

The Illinois Toll Highway Authority has jurisdiction over the toll roads in Illinois. Contact the toll authority at Illinois Tollway.


Where can I find information about vehicle license plates, vehicle registration, or title transfers?

The Illinois Secretary of State's Office has jurisdiction over license plates, vehicle registration, and title transfers. Contact the Secretary of State.


Where can I find information about the IL 53 extension in Lake County?

Contact us for more information


Where can I find information about qualifications for work on Department of Transportation projects?

If you are a contractor, information can be found at Prequalification Forms.

If you are a consultant, information can be found at: Consultant Prequalification.

If you are a small business enterprise, information can be found at: Small Business Enterprises.


I am a vendor wanting to sell to DOT and the State of Illinois. What do I need to do?

The Illinois Department of Central Management Services handles vendor services. Information can be found at Selling to the State of Illinois.


Where can I find information on the Illinois Vehicle Code?

The Illinois Secretary of State's Office publishes the IVC. Contact the Secretary of State.


Where can I find letting and bidding information?

That information can be found on IDOT's web site at  Letting and Bidding Information.
For instructions on how to find and download letting documents (including .exe files) go to Letting and Bidding FAQ's

How can I purchase one of the manuals listed in the “Doing Business” Section of this website?
Contact the Policy Distribution Office at 217/782-3464 or submit a completed Highway Manuals Order Form and payment to: Illinois Department of Transportation, Bureau of Business Services, Policy & Map Distribution Office 2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Room 030, Springfield, IL 62764-0001

How can I obtain IDOT surplus items (such as acquiring old median barrier)?
You can either link to the State Surplus Site or contact Larry Crowley of IDOT at 217-782-0657.

How do I get pavement marking paint off my vehicle?
The following instructions from our paint manufacturer will provide you with directions on removing pavement marking paint from your vehicle.


How do I obtain information about submitting research problem statements regarding transportation research project ideas?
IDOT’s Central Bureau of Materials and Physical Research handles research problem statement submittals. Information can be found at Illinois Center for Transportation (ICT).


How do I get a product approved for use in Illinois?
The Illinois Highway Development Council (IHDC) evaluates new product proposals submitted to IDOT. For a product to be evaluated by the IHDC, the product must meet an IDOT need, must be cost effective, must be off-the-shelf, must have no negative side effects, must have other options if proprietary, and must not be covered by an existing specification.


What is the Illinois Highway Development Council (IHDC) and the Products Evaluation Circular?
Information on the Illinois Highway Development Council (IHDC) and the Products Evaluation Circular can be found at:
Note: The Circular is not an approved list.


How do I find out if a product meets a current IDOT specification?
View and download current IDOT specifications at:


If a product meets a current IDOT specification, who do I contact for approval?
The contact for materials that meet current IDOT specifications is located on the index for the “Approved Lists for Materials” at:


My product does not meet a current IDOT specification. How do I submit it to the Illinois Highway Development Council (IHDC)?
To submit a new product proposal to the IHDC, please fill out a Preliminary Information for Product Evaluation (PIPE) form and return it the Engineer of Products Evaluation:
The PIPE form link is located at the bottom of the webpage.


What are the objectives of the Experimental Feature Program?

How can I obtain maps?
All maps that the Illinois Department of Transportation produces are free and available to download from the Maps section of this site. This includes, but is not limited to, static and interactive versions of the official state highway map, bike trail maps, and city and county maps.


How do I report a pothole on a state-owned highway?
The Illinois Department of Transportation is responsible for the repair of potholes on all state maintained highways. Motorists may report pot holes on state highways by calling 1-800-452-4368 or by using the Contact Us Function of this webpage.


What landscaping and aesthetic treatments are planned for the Dan Ryan Expressway?

The Department is pleased to advise that landscaping and aesthetic treatments have been taken into consideration for the Dan Ryan Expressway. There are numerous contracts proposed for construction within the upcoming two years subject to the availability of funding which consist of 29 knee wall contracts, 7 fencing contracts, 6 gateway landscaping contracts, 2 roadside embankment landscaping contracts and 1 median landscaping contract. Briefly, these contracts include the following:

  • The knee walls & fencing contracts will build a 32- inch high ornamental concrete wall along both sides of the expressway with a special black coated chain link fence located on top of the knee walls to insure the expressway access control.

  • The gateway contracts will provide a landscaped triangular areas at the ramps exit / entrance areas along interchanges where the Chicago Transit Authority stations exist. The gateway areas will include a variety of specialty plants, bushes & grasses to enhance aesthetics of these areas together with irrigation systems to insure plants survival. The six gateway contracts are subject to agreements and funding participation with the City of Chicago.

  • The roadside embankment landscaping contracts will landscape the expressway side slopes with trees and shrubs in various patterns and configurations for the entire length of the expressway extending from 31st Street to the I-57 interchange at Halsted Street (the project limit).

  • The median landscaping contract will provide landscaped and irrigated center medians along 75th, 76th & 67th Streets medians in conjunction with the City of Chicago participation. The median landscape contract is subject to agreement and funding participation with the City of Chicago.

The Department appreciates your interest in transportation issues and looks forward to continue serving the transportation needs of the motoring public in the State of Illinois.


Where can I find information about road construction in other states?

Please go to the following link for the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse
This site posts links to information on work-zone delays throughout the country.


Where can I find Tollway Information?

For roadways under the jurisdiction of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA) please call (630) 241-6800 or contact the ISTHA at


What is the schedule for the Kennedy “reversible lanes”?

Please be advised that the reversible lanes along the Kennedy Expressway generally switch directions twice a day Monday through Friday. They switch from inbound to outbound sometime between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. The switch back from outbound to inbound is sometime between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am. Weekends and holidays may have an additional switch during the day. If the reversible lanes need to be closed in both directions for construction or maintenance activities, it usually occurs at night between 9:00 pm and 5:00 am or periodically between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm Monday through Wednesday. Traffic congestion, major incidents or accidents, maintenance activities, and storm alerts are all factors that may lead to varying from the normal schedule.


How do I get “Deer Crossing” signs erected on my road?

The deer population in this portion of Illinois has been increasing which leads to increased conflicts with the automobile. Unfortunately, an effective means of controlling those conflicts has not been developed. "Deer-Crossing" warning signs at one time were thought to be the answer, and the warning signs you see along State roads were erected during this time period. These signs were erected on the basis of information provided by the Department of Natural Resources indicating locations of high deer kills. Studies done subsequent to sign erection revealed that the deer kill was not affected, and that the signs were ineffective. Apparently, deer are highly mobile during two periods of the year related to their reproductive process, and cross roads frequently during these periods. Motorists become accustomed to passing "Deer-Crossing" signs during the major portion of the year without seeing the animals, and tend to ignore the signs. When they do see deer, they then react inappropriately. The signs were considered of no value and the Department of Transportation stopped erecting "Deer Crossing" signs approximately 20 years ago.


Why is the ramp on Roosevelt to I-290 not open all the time?

Examination of traffic patterns has indicated that congestion is relieved by closing the Roosevelt Road entry ramp to I-290 for the afternoon rush hour period. This generally is on normal commute weekdays between 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM. The ramp is otherwise open unless observed traffic conditions warrant its closure. During winter snow storms the ramp will usually be open to allow access for plows and to allow traffic to work the salt to prevent icing. Occasionally the ramp will be closed for maintenance reasons, but we try to perform as much maintenance as possible within normal ramp-closed times.


Could you tell me if there will be lane closures through a construction zone as I am planning a trip?

The Department attempts to schedule lane closures in off peak hours (non rush hour and night time) when traffic volumes are lower, so depending on the time of day you are passing through, you may or may not see lane closures. Fridays typically have the heaviest traffic volumes.


Information regarding travel in the Chicago metro area is available at

The website provides a listing of travel times on all of the Chicagoland expressways and toll ways. Construction activities and related traffic information is also available on this site that may help you to choose the best time and route to take for your trip.


Excellent travel information for the entire State of Illinois is available at
Travel information for the Saint Louis metro area can be found at

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