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 Study Overview
The IL Route 29 Study is investigating alternatives to enhance transportation systems in the IL Route 29 corridor between IL Route 6 and Interstate 180. Proposed improvement enhancements include increasing travel efficiency, providing better transportation continuity, and facilitating modal interrelationships. An improved facility would accommodate existing and future traffic demand for both local and regional travelers and would offer more safety while minimizing disturbance to the environment.

The IL Route 29 Study began in November 2001. Since that time, many alternatives have been developed and studied to obtain an indication of the impacts of an improved facility. Public meetings were held in June 2003 and July 2004 to present the findings to date. Following the public meetings, IDOT reviewed the comments received and considered them, along with the impact information, in the selection of alignments to be carried forward for further engineering studies and environmental analyses.

In June 2006, public hearings were held to present the preferred IL Route 29 alternative and proposed road closures to the public. Approximately 350 people attended a hearing in Chillicothe, and over 175 people attended a hearing in Henry. The project's Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was also made available at this time for public and agency review and comment.

The department continued refinement of the design based upon public and agency input as well as more detailed studies. In January 2008, a public meeting was held in Sparland to describe design changes in the Sparland area and to receive comments on those changes.

In April 2009, the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration signed the Illinois Route 29 (IL 29) Study Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). The FEIS summarizes the public and agency comments on the DEIS and the responses to those comments. It also describes coordination with agencies and local governments since the June 2006 public hearings.

The Final Environmental Impact Statement has been made available for public and agency review and comment. The FEIS is available for review at IDOT's website ( and at the following libraries:

Peoria Public Library
107 NE Monroe
Peoria, IL
Lacon Public Library
205 6th Street
Lacon, IL
Henry Public Library
702 Front Street
Henry, IL
Chillicothe Public Library
430 N. Bradley Avenue
Chillicothe, IL

The comment period for the FEIS closed on June 22, 2009. The project's Record of Decision (ROD), which summarizes the reasons for selecting the preferred alternative described in the FEIS, has been prepared and concludes the project's environmental study phase. The ROD is posted on IDOT's website ( 

The project's Combined Design Report (CDR), which explains the design parameters used on this project and documents the various design decisions that have been made, was completed in June 2010 and is available for review by clicking on the link in the column on the right side of this page. The completion of the Combined Design Report concludes the project's study phase.  Subsequent phases of this project will address design details for the Final Preferred Alternative.

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