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Illinois Highway Information System
Structure Information and Procedure Manual
July 1, 2007

Data Item Listed Alphabetically by Item Name

Name of Item: A through E

AADT Year Deck Geometry Appraisal
AASHTO Bridge Length Deck Protection
Allowable Combo. Vehicle Type 3S-1 Wt. Lmt Deck Rebar Protection
Allowable Combo. Vehicle Type 3S-2 Wt. Lmt Deck Structure Thickness
Allowable One Truck at a Time Indicator Deck Structure Type
Allowable Single Unit Vehicle Wt. Limit (Tons) Deck Thickness
Allowable Stress Range Deck Type
Allowance for Future Wearing Surface Deck Waterproofing Type
Appraisal Ratings - General Design Load
Approach Roadway Alignment Appraisal Design Method (Substructure)
Approach Roadway Width Design Method (Superstructure)
Award Date Design Specifications
Bearing Type Design Stress Concrete Allowable
Border Bridge Adjacent State Design Stress Concrete Compressive
Border Bridge Adjacent St Struct. Number Design Stress PPC Compressive
Border Bridge % Adjacent St Responsibility Design Stress PPC Compressive Initial
Bridge Improvement Cost Design Stress PPC Reinforcement Yield
Bridge Inspection By (Name 1) Design Stress Precast Concrete Allowable
Bridge Inspection By (Name 2) Design Stress Precast Concrete Compressive
Bridge Median Type Design Stress Precast Reinforcement Allowable
Bridge Median Width Design Stress Precast Reinforcement Yield
Bridge Name Design Stress Prestress Steel Ultimate
Bridge Posting Level (Recommended) Design Stress Prestressing Steel Initial
Bridge Rail Type Design Stress Reinforcement Allowable
Bridge Remarks (General) Design Stress Reinforcement Yield
Bridge Replaces Number Design Stress Structural Steel Allowable
Bridge Status Design Stress Structural Steel Yield
Bridge Status Date Designated Critical Facility
Bridge Status Remarks Designated Truck Route
Built by (Agency) District
Bypass Length DOT Designer's Name
Channel and Channel Protection Condition Element Ratings - General
Condition Ratings - General Estimated AADT Count
Construction Contract Number Estimated Truck Percentage
Construction Information - composite Exist Flood Max or Overtop Head
Construction Remarks Exist Flood Max or Overtop Headwater Elev
Construction Route Number Exist Flood Max or Overtop Overflow Opening
Construction Section Number Existing Design Headwater Elevation
Construction Station Number Existing Flood Base Head
Construction Type Indicator Existing Flood Base Head (Overflow)
Construction Year Existing Flood Base Headwater Elevation
Consultant's Name Existing Flood Base Hdwater Elev. (Overflow)
Culvert Cell Height Existing Flood Base Opening
Culvert Cell Width (Ft) Existing Flood Base Overflow Opening
Culvert Cells (Count) Existing Flood Design Head
Culvert Condition Existing Flood Design Headwater Elevation
Culvert Fill Depth (Ft) Existing Flood Design Overflow Opening
Culvert Opening Area (Sq Ft) Existing Flood Maximum Calculated Head
Curb Height Existing Flood Max. Calc. Hdwater Elevation
Curb Type Existing Flood Maximum Calculated Opening
Curb Width Existing Flood Overtopping Head
Deck Condition Existing Flood Overtopping Hdwater Elevation
Deck Design Method Existing Flood Overtopping Opening
Deck Form Type Expansion Joint Type


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