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DUI Memorial Sign Program

The purpose of the DUI Memorial Sign program is to memorialize deceased victims of crashes caused by drivers found to be under the influence of alcohol, or other drug or intoxicating compound, as well as to raise the public awareness of the consequences of driving while impaired.

The memorial consists of a 36” wide by 24” tall white on blue sign with the legend PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. Below this will be a 36” wide by 18” tall white on blue plaque with the legend IN MEMORY OF and the name of the deceased followed by the date of the crash.

An immediate relative of a deceased victim of a crash caused by a driver found to be under the influence of alcohol, or other drug or intoxicating compound may request a DUI memorial along a State Highway by filling out an official application form and returning it to IDOT at the address indicated on the form. AAIM, MADD or other interested groups may assist the immediate relative in obtaining and filling out the form. The crash must have occurred on or after January 1, 1990.

IDOT will review the application and, if approved, will return a copy to the immediate relative along with instructions concerning payment of a one-time fee. Payment of the fee cannot be made until the application is approved. Currently, the fee is $150 for the DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE sign and $50 for the plaque with the name of the victim and the date of the crash.

The memorial will normally be installed at or near the location of the crash. However, IDOT reserves the right to install it at an alternate location due to restricted room, property owner complaints, interference with essential traffic control devices, safety concerns, or other restrictions.

For further information and to request an application form, please contact the Illinois Department of Transportation, DUI Memorial Sign Coordinator, Room 009, 2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL 62704 or by phone at 217/ 785-8534 or e-mail at

Roadside Memorial Signing Program (DUI Memorial Markers) - DUI Memorial Marker Rules (92 Ill. Adm. Code 549)

Application Form OPER 2717

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