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SPRINGFIELD, IL -- Travel through Illinois will become safer this summer as additional security equipment is installed in all of the state's interstate rest areas.

Illinois will be the first state in the nation to equip all of its rest areas with security cameras and emergency call boxes. Installation of the security equipment has started and will be completed by mid-October.

An average of six to seven security cameras and two to five emergency call boxes will be placed at each of the Illinois Department of Transportation's 53 interstate rest area sites. Cameras and call boxes will be located in the car parking lots, the truck parking lots, and inside the rest area buildings.

"With more than 33 million visitors to our rest areas each year we want to make sure our facilities are the safest we can provide," Illinois Transportation Secretary Kirk Brown said. "The installation of video cameras and call boxes takes Illinois to that next level of safety for the public."

Video images from the security cameras will be available to IDOT, the Illinois State Police, and other law enforcement agencies so they can monitor the rest areas on a routine basis or go to a specific camera when a call box is activated to determine the problem.

The call boxes will have a button people can push which will send an emergency signal to the ISP and will also provide a voice link between the two locations. When the call box is activated a strobe light will also begin flashing.

The cameras will be in locations in the parking lots that will maximize their effectiveness, as will the call boxes. Inside the rest area building the call box will be in the lobby with the cameras focused on both doors and able to send an image of the entire lobby area. The emergency call boxes are similar to what has been installed on a number of college campuses. They will be blue and easily identified by the public.

The $3.88 million contract for installation and maintenance of the equipment was awarded to ADT Security Services, Inc.

"As part of our commitment to securing America, ADT is proud to be a part of this statewide initiative to help protect the citizens of Illinois," said Mike Snyder, president of ADT Security Services, Inc. "ADT has many contracts with state, municipal and federal customers, as we continue to help keep people safe whether they are in their homes, businesses or communities."



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