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Emergency Procurements

IDOT may make emergency procurements without competitive sealed bidding or prior notice for a period of 90 days when there exists a threat to public health or public safety, or when immediate expenditure is necessary for repairs to State property in order to protect against further loss of or damage to State property, to prevent or minimize serious disruption in critical State services that affect health, safety, or collection of substantial State revenues, to prevent the loss of federal funding, or to ensure the integrity of State records.

For emergency procurements that extend beyond 90 days, IDOT must conduct a public hearing. Information regarding the public hearing must be published at least 14 days prior to the hearing date on the Department of Central Management Services Illinois Procurement Bulletin or the IDOT Professional Transportation Bulletin. To participate in the hearing, an individual must complete a Hearing Witness Form and submit the form using the instructions provided on the emergency hearing Notice from the appropriate Bulletin.

  • New emergency procurement requirements resulting from procurement reform:
    • Emergency procurements may be awarded for a maximum of 90 days.
    • IDOT must send a notice to the Procurement Policy Board (PPB) and publish a Notice in the appropriate Bulletin no later than 3 business days after an emergency contract has been executed.
    • If we find it necessary to extend the emergency contract beyond 90 days, a public hearing must be held with 14 days notice published on the appropriate Bulletin.
      • The 14-day posting must include a sole source justification form developed by the Procurement Policy Board, a description of the item procured, the selected vendor, and the date, time, and location of the public hearing.
    • An emergency affidavit must be filed with the PPB and Auditor General within 10 days of awarding an emergency contract.

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