Effective: 07/28/14 3:32 PM

COST (millions)
IL 22

Tree removal, pruning and landscaping
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60W83 Tree removal, tree pruning and landscaping on IL 22 from IL 21 to I-94 in Lincolnshire.
SUGGESTIONS TO MOTORISTS: The landscape work will be performed behind shoulder. However, there may be a need for occasional day time lane cloaure to enhance safety.
TRAFFIC ALERT: Be alert, obey temporary traffic signs and speed limit in construction zone.
Atkinson Road/IL 137

Extending Atkinson Road and widening IL 137
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63640 Project consists of the extension of Atkinson Road from IL Route 120 south to IL Route 137 and the addition of a lane on IL Route 137 from the new Atkinson Road intersection west to IL Route 83 (Ivanhoe Road) in the Village of Grayslake
OTHER COMMENTS: Spring plainting and clean up and for May 2014.
Chicago Botanic Garden & Cook County Forest Preserve

Multiuse path through the Botanic Garden and the Cook County Preserve
Glencoe, Highland Park
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63781 Project consists of the construction of a multi-use path on a new alignment through the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Cook County Forest Preserve. The path will include a new road crossing at Green Bay Road and Lake-Cook Road just west of the Union pacific Railroad Tracks. Work consists of grading and landscaping, sidewalk construction, curb and gutter, pedestrian traffic signals, construction of a boardwalk and retaining walls and an irrigation system, located on the south side of Lake Cook Road from the East Service Drive within the Chicago Botanic Garden ending at Blackhawk Road, just west of the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks located in Glencoe and Highland Park.
OTHER COMMENTS: Also in Cook County
Grass Lake Road

Bike Path and landscape restoration
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63778 The project consists of earth excavation, pavement removal, bituminous bike path construction, cast-in-place concrete underpass structure, soldier pile retaining walls, enclosed drainage system, pavement marking, signing, landscape restoration, and all other incidental items to complete the work to construct a shared use path tunnel for the Millennium Trail crossing FAU Route 0174 (Grass Lake Road) in the Lake Villa Township in the Village of Lindenhurst.
Hart Road

Widening, traffic signals, parkway restoration
Round Lake
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63868 HMA widening and reconstruction, storm sewer installation, curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveway, traffic signal replacement, parkway restoration and all other incidental items to complete the work on Hart Road from Illinois Route 134 to Cedar Lake Road in the Village of Round Lake.
I-94 and IL 173

Reconstruction and widening and bridge reconstruction
Wadsworth, Old Mill Creek
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60L77 2.61 miles of reconstruction and widening of I-94 from Wisconsin state line to IL 173, also reconstruction and widening of IL 173 and complete removal and reconstruction of the structure carrying IL 173 over I-94 in Wadsworth and Old Mill Creek.
TRAFFIC ALERT: I-94 from IL 173 to Wis. State Line: Three lanes will be maintained in each direction. There will be lane closures, reduction in lane widths throughout the project. Additional lane closures will be required during overnight operations as required to complete the contract. IL 173 from US 41 to Hunt Cluib Road:; One lane will be maintained in each direction. Lane widths will be reduced during construction.
OTHER COMMENTS: Motorists should expect delays and use caution when workers are present.
IL 131 (Green Bay Road)

Zion, Benton Township, Newport Township
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60X26 Resurfacing on IL 131 (Greenbay Road) IL 173 to Russell Road in Zion, Benton and Newport Townships.
TRAFFIC ALERT: Multilane highway with daytime lane closures, traffic lanes will be reduced during construciton activities.
OTHER COMMENTS: Motorists can expect delays during lane closures in each direction during construction. Be alert watch for advance warning signs and flaggers please be ready to stop when construction workers are entering and exiting the work zone. All side streets and driveways will remain open. Procede with caution.
IL 132 (Grand Avenue)

Replacement and rehabilitation of bridge structure.
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60N22 Replacement of the superstructure and rehabilitation of the substructure of the bridge carrying IL 132 (Grand Avenue) over the Des Plaines River in Gurnee
SUGGESTIONS TO MOTORISTS: Motorists should expect delays and use caution when workers are present.
TRAFFIC ALERT: Multilane highway with permanent lane closures. Traffic will be reduced from 2 lanes in each direction to 1 lane in each direction.
IL 173 @ Tiffany Rd.

Widening, resurfacing
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60L28 Intersection reconstruction including widening, milling, HMA surface and other related work on IL 173 at Tiffany Road in Antioch.
SUGGESTIONS TO MOTORISTS: Motorists can expect daily lane closures with flaggers.
TRAFFIC ALERT: 2 lane highway with daytime closures. Traffic will be reduced from 2 lanes to 1 lane in each direction.
IL 176

Bridge joint and repairs
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60T77 Bridge joint and substructure repairs for the structeure carrying IL 176 over the Des Plaines River.
IL 22

Fox River Grove, Lake Barrington, North Barrington
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60N33 5.13 miles of resurfacing on IL 22 from US 14 to US 12 (Rand Rd) in Fox river Grove, Lake Barrington and North Barrington.
OTHER COMMENTS: also in McHenry.
IL 43 (Waukegan Rd.) over US 41.

New bridge
Park City
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60R61 Bridge deck replacement, structural steel repairs, concrete repairs and resurfacing of the structure carrying IL 43 (NB) Waukegan Road) over US 41 in Park City.
Illinois Beach State Park

Drainage structure and new trails.
Lake County
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 46250 Drainage intake structure, culvert and drainage improvements, pavement removal, new trails and other work at Illinois Beach State Park in Lake County.
Intersections of Long Grove Road, Rand Road, White Pines Road

12 foot wide through lanes and left turn lanes.
Kildeer, Deer Park
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63649 Reconstruction to provide two 12-foot through lanes and an exclusive left turn lane at the intersections of Long Grove Road, Rand Road and White Pines Road. Project begins south of Long Grove Road to Boschome Drive, located in the Village of Kildeer and the Village of Deer Park.
Lake Street

Resurfacing and widening
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 61A28 This project consists of 0.45 mile of HMA widening and resurfacing including curb and gutter removal and replacement, sidewalks, storm sewer installation, pavement markings, landscaping, pavement patching and traffic signals on Lake Street from north of IL 120 to St. Paul Street in the Village of Grayslake.
Oakwood Road

Resurfacing and precast prestressed concrete deck beam bridge.
Long Grove
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 61A24 Project consists of the removal of the existing single span structure and replacing it with a single span precast prestressed concrete deck beam bridge (27" depth), pavement removal and replacement, resurfacing with binder and surface courses, erosion control, pavement markings and all other incidental items to complete the work on Oakwood Road at Indian Creek in the Village of Long Grove.
River Rd. Intersection with Roberts Rroad

Reconstruction of intersection , widening, resurfacing, culvert replacement, sewer, sidewalks, curb and gutter, retaining wall, lighting and landscaping.
Lake Barrington
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63875 Reconstruct the intersection of River Rd. at Roberts Rd. to provide a multi-lane roundabout. Earth stablization, pavement widening and resurfacing, culvert replacement, storm sewer, sidewalks, curb and gutter, cast in place retaining wall, lighting and landscaping located in the Village of Lake Barrington.
Rollins Road

Bike underpass, lighting
Lake County Forest Preserve
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63807 Project consists of a bike underpass structure, earth excavation, construction of multi-use path, pavement reconstruction, pavement removal, curb and gutter removal and replacement, lighting, pavement marking and all other incidental items to complete the work on FAU Route 181 (Rollins Road) and connecting the Millennium Trail across Rollins Road (by constructing an underpass to cross Rollins Rd.) located west of US 45 and extends east in the Lake County Forest Preserve.
Russell Road and SB I-94 exit ramp

Sodding and seeding
Wadsworth, Newport township
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60X05 The improvement consists of sodding and seeding over disturbed areas along Russell Rd. and along SB I-94 exit ramp in the Village of Wadsworth, Newport Township, Lake County.
US 12 @ Old McHenry Rd.

Traffic signal modernization
North Barrington
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60T88 Traffic signal modernization and intersection improvement of US 12 at Old McHenry Road in North Barrington.
US 12/IL 59 over IL 176

Bridge repair
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60W19 Bridge deck overlay, bridge joint repairs and other improvements on the structures carrying US 12/IL 59 over IL 176 in Wauconda.
Various locations

LED installation, traffic signal modernization.
Northwestern Lake County
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 60T85 LED installation, traffic signal modernization at various locations in northwestern Lake County.
Wadsworth Road intersection with IL 131

Reconstruct and widen.
Beach Park
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63766 Reconstruct and widen the intersection of Wadsworth Road at IL 131. Project includes pavement removal, aggregate subgrade, full depth HMA, curb and gutter, storm sewer, water main, traffic signals and landscaping in the Village of Beach Park.
Washington Street

Reconstruction and resurfacing
Hainesville,Round Lake Park, Round Lake
IMPACT ON TRAVEL: 63765 Widen and reconstruct Washington Street, the addition of a right-turn lane, storm sewer, sidewalks and traffic signals, from Cedar Lake Road to just west of Hainesville Road and the resurfacing of Cedar Lake Road at Washington Street, located in the Villages of Hainesville, Round Lake Park and Round Lake.