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High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail Applications

CREATE TIGER Grant Applications

ARRA Contracts
ARRA requires that, to the maximum extent possible, Grantees such as IDOT award fixed price contracts through the use of competitive bidding. Only a few high of the high speed rail contracts were not both fixed price and competitively bid. These contracts were entered into between the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR). UPRR, the owner of the railroad, will perform work on its Chicago to St. Louis rail line. The Chicago to St. Louis route has been designated to operate passenger trains up to 110 miles per hour.

  • 2010 Construction Agreement executed on July 16, 2010 – UPRR will perform or cause to perform track related improvements and make the necessary repairs to its railroad between Godfrey and Lincoln Illinois. UPRR will also perform some initial project design and engineering work and limited material purchases.

  • 2011 Construction Agreement executed on March 4, 2011; amended December 29, 2011 – UPRR will perform track related improvements between Joliet and the East St. Louis area (excluding work performed under the 2010 Agreement) including, but not limited to, the rehabilitation of the main line, upgrade of sidings, preparation of engineering design plans, upgrade of culverts, bridges and related structures, installation of turnouts, replacing certain diamond crossings, and signal improvements.

Final High Speed Rail Applications

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