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Traffic Stop Data Sheet Clarification

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Field Name Acceptable Values
Duration of stop This is the time from when the vehicle was stopped until the driver is free to leave or taken into physical custody.
Reason for Stop This is the initial reason the vehicle was stopped.
Result of Stop This is the most severe outcome of the stop.
Was a consent search on the vehicle requested and/or performed? (Section C): This section is completed when a consent search on the vehicle is requested or performed. This section only pertains to information on vehicle consent searches. Other types of searches are recorded in Section B.
Was a search conducted/requested (other than a vehicle consent search)? (Section B) This section is completed whenever a search is requested/performed on the driver or passengers. Also, if there is a vehicle search that is not consent you would also fill out this section.
If the contraband found was drugs, what was the amount You must record the amount of drugs that are found in grams.

If you have any other questions about the 2007 Traffic Stop Data Sheet, please contact Suzie Hulett at 217/785-2364 or e-mail her at

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