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IL Route 53 Widening Header

Project Overview

The scope of work includes the total reconstruction of the US 20 over McLean Blvd interchange into Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) - (a single point intersection versus two existing intersections at the ramp terminals), including replacing and widening the US 20 bridge structure over McLean Blvd., construction of 2 new concrete retaining walls, widening and reconstruction of McLean Blvd from south of Fleetwood Drive to north of Lillian Street into a 4-lane divided cross section (2 traffic lanes in each direction) with turn lanes(left /right turn lanes) at the major intersections, realignment of the existing Weld Road intersection with Shepherd Drive to enhance safety and remove the existing sharp curve/scissors configuration, reconstruction and widening of Fleetwood Drive intersection in the City of Elgin, Kane County. Two exclusive exit lanes will be added along US 20 mainline in the eastbound direction at McLean Blvd to facilitate and enhance exit maneuvers to Mclean Blvd, improve safety, and eliminate traffic backups. The proposed pavement along US 20 will be continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRC) to provide an extended 30-years pavement life. The proposed pavement along McLean Blvd will be portland cement jointed concrete pavement. A total of four detention ponds will be constructed within the interchange area to temporarily detain the additional precipitation runoff that will result from the additional widened pavement that will be constructed by the improvement. The basins have been designed with dry wells to encourage infiltration.

The total length of the project is 1.33 miles.

Existing traffic signals at the intersections of Spartan Drive, Fleetwood Drive, US 20 ramps terminals with McLean Blvd and Lillian Street will be modernized to current standards and interconnected to provide traffic flow progression. Lighting will be installed along US 20 within the project limit for a distance of 2.0 miles within the interchange boundaries and along the proposed US 20 ramps at McLean Blvd. Aesthetic treatments are included on the proposed two concrete retaining walls using an Ashlar finish in addition specialty landscaping in coordination with the City of Elgin. Pipe sleeve crossings will be added within the interchange area to facilitate future irrigation system installation by the City of Elgin.

Sidewalks will be provided along both sides of McLean Blvd to accommodate pedestrian activities with certain limited areas where sidewalks widths will narrow to minimize additional land acquisition. The outer traffic lanes along McLean Blvd will be built as 14 feet wide lanes instead of the traditional 12-foot wide lanes in order to accommodate a lane to be shared by vehicles and bicycles on both sides of the roadway along McLean Blvd within the project limits. The project will be stage constructed whereby Mclean Blvd and US 20 will be open to traffic at all times to minimize delays as much as possible to the motoring public. It is anticipated that a total of 3 construction seasons will be required: one season for the advance contract (# 60K90), two seasons for the main contract.

In order to expedite the rehabilitation of the interchange, an advance contract was developed. The advance contract was let 8/5/2011 and construction operations are underway. An anticipated completion date for the advance contract is 10/31/2012. The advance contract includes construction of the two proposed retaining walls, realignment of Weld Road, intersection widening and reconstruction of Fleetwood Drive with Mclean Blvd and widening the existing eastbound US 20 bridge over McLean Blvd to accommodate two lanes of traffic in each direction on US 20 during construction thus minimizing traffic backups, queues and delays. Please note U.S. 20 lance closures will be allowed only at night.

The main project #60H45 was on the April 2012 letting & subject to awarding of the contract, the anticipated start is in Summer 2012. The estimated construction duration for the main contract will extend two construction seasons tentatively (until 8/2014) due to the amount of work involved. The total estimated construction cost for the entire project is approx. 50 million dollars.

The proposed project will provide a safer roadway with improved safety features, minimize delays to turning vehicles at the interchange by virtue of the innovative design of the single point urban interchange, reduce accident potential, improve roadway geometrics to current standards and facilitate traffic flow in the area to relieve congestion. With the improved project, it is anticipated that more commercial developments will occur in the area which will result in urban renewal and public advancement. The City of Elgin and Kane County will see improved access to their businesses, Elgin Community College, etc. as well as improved access for residents to this significant arterial route. The Department is implementing a plan that was initially studied by Kane County and was funded in the Capital Program as a result of support by local elected officials.

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